Международные олимпиады для студентов

22 ноября, 2016

Agorize (бывший Studyka) представляет новые международные олимпиады для студентов, организованных совместно с крупными компаниями.

Agorize (former Studyka) presents its new international student challenges organized with major companies. Thanks to these challenges, your students can be spotted by firms, get professional opportunities and win great rewards.    
  • SNCF Challenge: students can imagine innovative and eco-friendly solutions to control vegetation on railway lines and win a €2000 trip!
  • Group SEB Academy: students can bring innovation into the kitchen area (well-being, Kitchen 3.0 and new consumer habits) and win a culinary trip worth €800!
  • Vinci Challenge: Students can innovate for the digital city of tomorrow. The winning team will win a trip worth €1500 and the chance to incubate their project within VINCI if creating a startup.

Discover our international challenges here!

Many teachers use our challenges as business cases in class to train their students to current professional topics. It’s a 100% free service and we can provide you with a PowerPoint presentation. Feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Would it possible to send the e-mail below to your students to let them know about these challenges?

We remain at your disposal if you require any further information.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Do you want to get job opportunities while wining a trip for the destination of your choice? Groupe SEB Academy, Vinci and SNCF challenges are still open and it is not too late to participate!

  • Imagine innovative and eco-friendly solutions with SNCF to control vegetation on railway lines and win a €2000 trip! Discover the SNCF Challenge
  • Rethink the kitchen of the future on a healthy or on a connected aspect with Groupe SEB and win a €800 culinary trip! Discover the SEB Challenge
  • In the digital era, what would the city of your dreams look like? The winning team will win a trip worth €1500 and the chance to incubate their project within VINCI if creating a startup. Discover Vinci Challenge

To participate you are only required to join or create a team of 2 to 5 students depending on the challenge and present on Agorize a 5-slide Powerpoint document presenting your project.
Good luck on our challenges and we hope to see you soon!

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